Privacy Policy


This privacy policy helps you understand what personal data we collect, why we collect it, what we do with it and the choices you have, including how to access and update information. Our policy applies to you if you use our products or services in store, over the phone, online or if you use our website or interact with us on social media.


Who we are

Hadjikyriakos & Sons Ltd is a company registered in Cyprus with registration number HE1005. The company is a distributor, a retailer and a wholesaler of consumer electronics and domestic appliances.


Your security

When you shop with us or use our services, you trust us with your personal data. We are a company that puts you, our customer, first, respecting you as an individual. We are committed to maintaining your trust.


In this privacy policy, we have provided details on:

  1. What, When and why we collect your personal information and How we use it.

  2. The very limited conditions under which we may disclose it to others (where direct marketing is concerned only with your explicit permission).

  3. How we store your information and why we retain it.

  4. How you can request your information to be updated, corrected or to be forgotten.

  5. Children and personal data.


  1. Information we collect

We collect personal information about you when you interact with us. This is when you visit one of our stores or our technical service centre, use our website or if you communicate with us by phone, email and social media.


  1. The types of personal information we collect includes:


(i) When you visit one of our stores or our service department:

  • Personal details such as your name, surname, address, email address, phone number and other contact information.

  • Transaction information, such as the product(s) you purchased, its price and your method of payment.

  • Your account information, such as dates of purchases, returns, payments received.

  • The phone numbers that you call/send messages to or the phone numbers that you receive calls/messages from.


(ii) When you are online the information we collect includes:

  • Account information, like your username and other identifiers or credentials you use to access our online services or to buy our products and services, details of your shopping preferences, such as your favorite brands and products.

  • Details of your visits to the website.

  • IP address and cookie data.

  • Information that you provide in your dealings with us. This includes when you register to use our online services, or when you subscribe to our services or request further services and/or information from us.


b) The situations when you provide personal information:

  • When you purchase products at our stores or online.

  • When you ask for any products to be delivered at home, picked up from store, or installed at your location.

  • When you contact our technical service centre.

  • Register or use our online services.

  • Request to receive marketing or other communications.

  • Enter one of our competitions or when you complete one of our customer surveys.


  1. How we use your information

The law on data protection sets out a number of different reasons for which a company may collect and process personal data. These are set out below:

(i) When we are required to entered into a contract with you

We use your personal information to process your orders, invoices and payments or to give you a refund. We may share your personal information with our delivery partners in order to fulfill our obligations.

(ii) When you have provided consent

We use email and text messages (sms) to communicate with you about our products and services, competitions, offers, promotions or special events, provided you have given as a specific consent.

(iii) Where there is a legitimate interest

As a company we are often required to process your personal data in order to carry out certain tasks relating to our business activities. In such cases, processing of personal data can be justified in grounds of legitimate interest.



  • To provide customer support and to respond to, and communicate with you about your requests

  • To contact you if we need to obtain or provide additional information

  • To check if our records are right and to check every now and then that you are satisfied (eg customer surveys)

  • For marketing activities and to send promotional material to you.

  • Αbout your orders, purchases or accounts and invoice you for using our products or services.

  • When you post on our blogs and interact with us through social media.


Company interest

When you fail to repay what you owe us or return our products, we may need to trace you (sometimes using a third party) in order to recover payment or reclaim our products.

To protect against, identify and prevent fraud and other criminal activity, claims and other liabilities.

For network and information security in order for us to take steps to protect your information against loss or damage, theft and unauthorized access.


When we are required to comply with our legal obligations

We will use your personal information to comply with our legal obligations including:

  • To identify you when you contact us

  • To verify the accuracy of data that we hold about you

  • To assist the tax authorities and/or the police and/or other regulatory bodies in relation to an investigation.


When it is in your vital interest

In certain circumstances it is in your vital interest for us to process your personal information. We may need to contact you if there are, any urgent safety or product recall notices or where we otherwise reasonably believe that the processing of your personal information will prevent or reduce any potential harm to you.



  1. Who we share your personal information with


  1. Our service providers

We work with third parties, so that they can process your requests for delivery, installation or repairs of the products you have purchased from us or to process your personal data on our behalf and only where they meet our standards on the processing of data and security. We only share information that helps them provide their services to us or to help them provide their services to you.


  1. Other organisations and individuals

We may transfer your personal information to other organisations in certain scenarios. For example:

  • If required to by law, under any code of practice by which we are bound or we are asked to do so by a public authority such as the Police.

  • If we need to do so in order to exercise or protect our legal rights, users, systems and services.


  1. Transfers outside the EU (European Union) and/or the EEA (European Economic Area)

Currently, we do not transfer your personal information outside the European Economic Area (EEA). However, if we do this your personal information will continue to be subject to one or more appropriate safeguards set out in the law.



  1. Retention and Security of your personal information


  1. How long we keep your personal information

We will keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary. This could include one of the ways specified in “How we use your personal information” and for one of these reasons:

  • To respond to any questions or complaints

  • To maintain records according to rules that applies to us

  • Το defend legal claims

  • To provide after sales service for the products you have purchased from us (the products last for many years and spare parts are available for more than 10 years)


  1. Information Security Measures

We are committed to keeping your personal information secure and we will take all reasonable measures to protect them from misuse. All our employees and business associates (those who process your personal information on our behalf) are obliged to respect the confidentiality of your personal information.


  1. Your rights according to European Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR)

  1. Right of access

You have the right to request what personal information we hold about you. Before providing personal information to you or another person on your behalf, we may ask for proof of identity and sufficient information about your interactions with us that we can locate your personal information.

b) Right for updating, rectification or minimization

If any of the personal information we hold about you is inaccurate or out of date, you may ask us to correct it.

c) Right to Erasure (“Right to be forgotten”)

You have the right to request erasure of any personal information we hold about you provided that is no longer necessary for the company’s purposes. The right to erasure is subject to the provisions of the Cyprus Data Protection Legislation.

d) Data portability

In certain circumstances you have the right to request a copy of your personal information from us or to have that information passed to an organization of your choice in a format that can be easily re-used.


  1. Children and personal information

We do not sell products to children under the age of 16. If you are under 16 you may only use our website with the involvement of a parent or guardian.




Our websites collect information about customer’s browsing preferences and settings with the use of cookies.


What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer or other devices as you browse websites. They collect information about your browsing preferences and settings in order to show to you advertisements of similar products.


Information collected

Some cookies collect information about browsing and purchasing behavior when you access this website with the same device. This includes information about pages viewed, products purchased and your browsing history in the website.


Blocking cookies

You can consent to use, or block the use of Cookies, by activating the relevant settings in your browser.



If you have any questions about this privacy policy, or want to exercise your rights set out in this privacy policy, please contact us by sending an email to or call as at 77777007.


Except in rare cases, we will respond to you within four weeks after we have received your request.